Welcome to Maze War Games

Welcome to Maze War Games

Welcome to Maze War GamesWelcome to Maze War GamesWelcome to Maze War Games

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The Inland Empire's First Inflatable Maze War Game. MWG will HOST your entire Birthday celebration. Get ready to have a totally unique and exciting party experience with fast paced action and live combat. Our parties provide the newest Nerf guns (masks and vests included in your package) which provides hours of outdoor fun for kids and adults alike. Maze War Games is a premier party event.  


Nerf Gun Wars

Maze War Games Inflatable is a MASSIVE  1040 sq ft! The actual maze is 40 foot long X 26 foot wide and is 8 Foot Tall. Its is the most incredible Inflatable Maze you will witness in the Inland Empire. We provide grounded combat and fast paced action for each party experience. The Maze has 2 entrances , one on each end, full of twists, turns & hiding spots to evade your opponent. Each player is provided a Nerf gun, a color coded vest dart holder, a face mask, and endless darts. The birthday kid is gifted with a Nerf gun for each party hosted by our company. 

Immersive Gaming Experience

Maze War Games provides an exclusive package for children and adults with a great outdoor, nonstop, high paced activity.  MWG combines a gaming experience in actual real time. Instead of playing a video game on a screen they can star in their own video game experience. Some Nerf Guns offers a first person recorded view of the live action.  Our experience allows  kids to be active, have  communication, team building skills and the thrill of victory. 

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Maze War Games


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